The Association of Beauty Journalists in Finland

The members of the association work as journalists and provide different media with beauty and wellness content. The Union of Beauty Journalists in Finland was founded in the autumn of 2007 and currently it has almost twenty members. Most of its members belong also to the Union of Journalists in Finland.

What does the Association of Beauty Journalists in Finland do?

Advances the professional competence of journalists focusing on beauty and wellness.
Compiles information about legislation, decrees and directives related to the field for its members.
Provides and organises professional and general training, courses on grammar and spelling and expert lectures for its members.
Takes part in developing co-operation and basic rules between journalists and businesses.

Working as a beauty journalist

Beauty journalists always have their readers and media close to their heart. They acquire, refine and convey information related to the field to their readers in a way that best suits their media’s concept.

We acquire information from importers and manufacturers, from publications related to the field, from schools and those providing training, from service providers, from newsletters, brochures and lectures.

Before a product or a service gets visibility on the media, beauty journalists conduct research and test its quality and availability from the perspective of the reader and the media they represent.