The Association

The Association of Beauty Journalists (Business ID 3195954-8) in Finland was founded in the autumn of 2007 and currently it has almost twenty members.

The members of the association work as journalists and provide different media with beauty and wellness content. Most of its members also belong to the Union of Journalists in Finland.

The association compiles information about legislation, decrees and directives related to the field for its members. We provide and organise professional and general training, courses on grammar and spelling and expert lectures for our members. We also take part in developing co-operation and basic rules between journalists and businesses.

Becoming a member

The administration of the association decides whether to accept new members based on their informal applications. You can send your application to the chairwoman of the association, Pia Paalasvuo.

The administration of the association

chairwoman: Pia Paalasvuo,
treasurer: Marjo Nevala,
secretary: Ville Äikäs,


Beauty Spots

The Beauty Spot -awards are given out every year during I Love Me exhibition. The awards are given to companies whose products and exhibition stands are the most inspiring and inviting.

Acts of Beauty

The association gives out an Act of Beauty -award that encourages the receiver to continue their work on the field of beauty.